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Need Help Trading Online ?

Trade a Call Option, buy a stock or trade commodities with OptionsXpress, ThinkorSwim, etrade or any online broker. Get Advice and daily Stock Picks from your ChartTrader TM Registered Investment Advisor

It's as easy as 1,2,3.
1. concervative
2. moderate growth 3. aggressive growth
Help is Here !
Work with your own Registered Investment Advisor using any online trading service you wish. You will get investment advice, stock picks and portfolio management. Get advice on how to buy a call option. ChartTrader Inc. Registered Investment Advisors work with Optionsxpress and ThinkorSwim online brokers because they offer outstanding online trading with a very low cost per trade. Better than working with a stock broker charging you high commissions on every trade. When you work with a registered investment advisor your interests are directly aligned with you advisor. He has no incentive to make recommendations other than to make you money and to grow your account.
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How it Works

How It Works When you work with a Registered Investment Advisor you have access to a wide variety of advice, including: stock picks put or call option recommendations and if you open an account with thinkorswim, thinkorswim tools. Once you open your online account with thinkorswim, brokersxpress or optionsxpress you can get all the personal help you require while trading online. Your advisor will show you how to use all the tools available and how to correctly time the stock picks and enter put or call option orders. You will learn sophisticated trading techniques and get stock picks tailored to your age, net worth and risk tolerance. Your Registered Investment Advisor only charges an annual fee based upon a percentage of assets under management. Work with a Registered Investment Advisor and trade as often as you wish. Stock picks and Daily Stock Picks are available on ThePowerTrader newsletter. Your Registered Investment Advisor will help you open your online account with Thinkorswim or any online broker you choose.
Brokersxpress, OptionsXpress and ThinkorSwim customers;
Help is here!! Any online trader can sign up with and work with your own R.I.A. to get professional advise and avoid paying high broker commissions on each and every trade. Your registered investment advisor only charges an annual fee of 1%-3% based upon assets under management.* You can trade Stocks, Options, Commodities, Forex, Options on Futures or any other investment you like with the assistance of an experienced professional guiding you along the way. Feel free to chat with an advisor Now! Just click here for Live Chat Want Stock Picks? We have daily stock picks available to all clients.
William D. Sergautis Bill’s 20+ years experience in the investment business started as a commodities futures broker in 1981. He learned the power of technical analysis trading commodities but soon moved into stocks, bonds and financial planning with Prudential Securites in Toronto. As the assistant manager for Cardinal Capital and as Branch Manager for Cardinal Capotal and as Branch manager of Brookstreet Securities in Aventura, Florida; Bill has seen thousands of accounts traded under various market conditions. CharTrader TM is licensed to do business in FL, CA and NY. If you are looking for advice or stock picks in any other location please contact a registered investment advisor in your home state.
Work with a Registered Investment Advisor
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